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August - Remnants and Artifacts

August kept us busy. I started classes and was juggling farm work, office tasks, and tutoring. While Jonathan spent countless hours on bus projects, fidgeting with my dumb car that always seems to be causing a ruckus, and navigating his normal 12-hour ER shifts. We also spent a quarter of the month sick with the flu - blech. So yes, last month was a doozy! Here are a few of the highlights and nosedives:

A plate of home-styled goodness: Last months canned peaches, the syrup was tapped and packaged by J's Aunt and Uncle, the cucumbers are from our garden, the Dutch puff is a family recipe and the eggs used were from our chickens.

Earlier this year, J surprised me with a skydiving experience. Due to weather, our jumps were cancelled, twice. I guess third time was a charm?

When life give you tomatoes...

...make a tomato sandwich!

We attended Sing Me High, a folk music festival in Harrisonburg, VA. J's Aunt and Uncle are pictured here. They have been preforming as a folk-rock duo band for several years now. Their band is title Clymer & Kurtz, The festival offered space for them to debut their newest EP: "What If You Knew".

We did a quick trip to Fredericksburg on Jonathans motorcycle. Jonathan has managed to convinced all of his siblings that motorcycling is the superior mode of travel... I too am slowly being swayed.

We ate our body weight in Pizza last month. We stumbled upon a wicked pizza dough recipe and have since made it over and over and over again.

J installed a fancy awning - yahoo, shade!

Lil Peach received its first inspection since we came into ownership and guess what? The bus passed and just in time for our trip down south!

Cruising down I85, making our way to Georgia...

We stopped in Chattanoga TN, to visit with J's Aunt and Uncle (not the syrup manufacturers). We drank peach daiquiri's, played banana grams, and visited the Chattanooga National Cemetery. This pit stop was quite the reprieve, as it was the warmest weekend of the year.

We made it to Milton, GA by noon on the next day, just in time for the rehearsal dinner.

The weeding ceremony and reception were on Saturday. Supper was splendid and us cousins were placed at the classic "kids table". Pictured: a collection of H's cousins and siblings.

There was plenty of dancing but not for Jonathan, for he was experiencing flu symptoms (which he then passed on to me - ugh).

Come Sunday morning, we were both experiencing the full force of the flu, feeling grumpy, hot, and tired. We knew it was time to go home. We packed up Lil Peach and made it back to our property by 10pm Sunday night.



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Sep 07, 2023

Pizza dough recipe? looks yummy!

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