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Two for one

There is nothing quite like coming home, and flopping on the couch after a long day. It is also wildly stabilizing to sit at the kitchen table to chop vegetables, flesh out the calendar, or eat supper. Alas, Lil Peach only has the capacity for one or the other...

Recently, I have been craving the practicality of our kitchen table, so much so that I have been avoiding the couch at all costs. Just the other day I raced Jonathan to, and then wrestled with him over, our remote that controls our electronic table stand.

We are currently experiencing summer in the Shenandoah Valley, and Lil Peach has a resting temperature of 85 degrees. It is too hot for me to lounge around on the sofa, with its cotton cushion covers, and plush decorative pillows. Ugh – just the thought of it makes me sticky with sweat. As for Jonathan, he adores the couch especially after a 12-hour ER shift.

The infamous remote

I equate the couch to a time machine or a black hole. One minute your sitting down, present, and then your unsure of the century and the last time you ate. Now that the days are seemingly longer and the sun rises earlier. I am less tolerant of wasting away on the couch. The kitchen table keeps me accountable!

Maybe I just need to get over it and make use of our picnic table. Or maybe Jonathan should retreat to the bedroom during his moments of unwinding. Whatever the answer is, our two in one couch-table concoction makes for a ridiculous argument…

“Let’s put the couch in table mode.” I say.

“No, I am resting.” Jonathan snuffs.

“You can do that in bed!” I proclaim.

“No, I want to stay here with you...” Jonathan baits.

I grab the remote, press the "up" button, and the table begins to raise.

Jonathan jumps up and reaches for my hand.

We squabble… hiss... poke...

Jonathan stubs a toe.

While he is distracted, I throw the extra cushion onto the bed and grab my laptop, pen and paper. I proceed with task making.

Jonathan grumbles and takes the seat across from me.

As I said, Ridiculous! I find these moments comical and sweet. Because just under a year ago we were house sitting in a home that had multiple tables, sofas, and rooms. We had so much space. Now we struggle to find the balance in our indistinguishable kitchen and living room. And yet, our space feels plentiful.

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